A Numerical Analysis of ConfinedTurbulent Bubble Plumes

Well-posedness and convergence of cfd two-fluid model for bubbly flows
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On the validity of the gradient diffusion approach as applied to modelling particle dispersion in a turbulent gaseous flow. Particle dispersion in organized vortex structures within turbulent free shear flows. Heavy particle dispersion in inhomogeneous, anisotropic, turbulent flows. Using a multi-parameter particle shape description to predict the motion of non-spherical particle shapes in swirling flow. Stochastic simulations of particle-laden isotropic turbulent flow.

Spatial droplet velocity and size profiles in effervescent atomizer-produced sprays. Eulerian and Lagrangian approaches for predicting the behaviour of discrete particles in turbulent flows. Transport of Dry Aerosols in Turbulent Jets. Two-fluid modeling of aerosol transport in laminar and turbulent flows.

A numerical analysis of confined turbulent bubble plumes

The effect of particles on wall turbulence. Computation of particle dispersion in turbulent liquid flows using an efficient Lagrangian trajectory model. An experimental investigation of non-premixed turbulent spray flames and their self-similar behavior. A unified Lagrangian trajectory model for particle diffusion in ducts. The effect of coarse particles on the heat transfer in a turbulent boundary layer.

Efficient computation of particle dispersion in turbulent flows with a stochastic-probabilistic model. On the effect of particles on carrier phase turbulence in gas-particle flows. Computational modeling of dilute gas-particle flows in an ultrasonic gas flowmeter. New stochastic particle dispersion modeling of a turbulent particle-laden round jet.

Computation of dispersed turbulent liquid-particle flows impinging a centerbody using an improved lagrangian stochastic model. Numerical simulation of particle dispersion in a grid turbulent flow : Influence of the lift forces. Experimental and numerical study of a water spray in the wake of an axisymmetric bluff body. Stochastic-probabilistic efficiency enhanced dispersion modeling of turbulent polydispersed sprays. Two-phase velocity measurements in particle-laden coaxial jets. Computation of turbulent evaporating sprays with well-specified measurements: a sensitivity study on droplet properties.


Numerical simulation of particle transport in planar shear layers. Dispersion of a polydisperse spray in a constant shear turbulent flow. The impact of bubble dynamics on the flow in plumes of ladle water models. An approach to modeling particle motion in turbulent flows—I.

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Homogeneous, isotropic turbulence. Studies on droplet-turbulence interactions. Turbulence intensity in dilute two-phase flows—3 The particles-turbulence interaction in dilute two-phase flow. A lagrangian model for solid particles in turbulent flows.

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The evaluation of a turbulence model and hence the values can be performed through the use of analytical inverse methods which are described in the next section. The regions in which the bifurcation occurs has been mapped in the Reynolds number Grashof number plane. Even this relatively coarse subdivision enables useful predictions to be obtained. A sharp immersed boundary method based on penalization and its application to moving boundaries and turbulent rotating flows. For specific combinations of excitation frequency and amplitude, the frequency response of the flames was found to couple to that of the forcing, where the contribution of natural puffing frequency disappears. Lopez De Bertodano, M.

Influence of particle diameter distribution on the downstream particle turbulence in a two-phase, turbulent, round jet. Investigations on the fluiddynamic and thermal process control in ladles. Modelling of particle-wall collisions in confined gas-particle flows.

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An experimental study of two-phase turbulent coaxial jets. Studies on fuel spray characteristics in high-pressure environment. A simulation of particle dispersion in a turbulent jet.

Experiments on particle dispersion in a turbulent mixing layer. Non-isotropic turbulence effects on spray combustion. Structure of the near-injector region of nonevaporating pressure-atomized sprays. Derksen, and H. Roelands, J. Derksen, J. Kramer, and P.


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Bubbly Two-Phase Flow: Part II- Characteristics and Parameters

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Evaluation of a stochastic model of particle dispersion in a turbulent round jet

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bubble plume in stratified tank

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Numerical study of the turbulent flow past an airfoil with trailing edge separation

Turbulent combustion. Turbulent Priests. Turbulent flows. Flatness of Bernoulli jets. Recommend Documents. Mantle plumes: a multidisciplinary approach Joachim R. Ritter Ulrich R. Christensen Mantle Plumes Joachim R.