Life Without a Centre: Awakening from the Dream of Separation

A Wildly Practical Guide to Authentic Spiritual Awakening
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Each individual treatment offers new information into the nature of Ibogaine's capacity to address many different levels of healing, both psychologically and physically. The Dream House has become its own organic healing center, with no institutional guidelines, driven by people's hearts, hands, and desire to help others in the same manner we received our own healing. The original Treatment format worked very well for 10 years we were able to work with a wide range of people and conditions they may have , this change will make it more difficult for people to get here and to come and will require people to have some experience in travel and self care, we realize now that there are other full care clinics that can provide service to those who are not familiar with travel or in heavy addiction conditions, we still provide the same full care and experienced treatment we always have we just are only doing 1 person at a time sometimes 2 for spiritual experience.

This treatment is an addiction interruption and is the beginning to living life without wanting or needing to use something from the outside to be able to function in this world. Our main goal is to help you reach a space where you will be able to make clear decisions free from the influence of chemical substances, and recreating a life that may have never had a chance to exist.

We ask that you stay at least two weeks. The more time you're able to spend away from your home environment the more you can introduce new ways of living so that when you return you have a stable foundation. We recommend people go to an after care program here in Mexico designed for post ibogaine experience information is available upon request.

Meals are prepared by the individuals on staff. We use simple, healthy, whole food preparation and use as much local and organic produce as possible. We keep the refrigerator stocked with lots of good dishes and balanced meals. We try to have sit-down meals together in the evening. There are also many good restaurants that you can visit.

We will accommodate any special dietary needs.

Freely available

Please let us know in advance so we have time to prepare. Good food with love is essential for growth. For non addiction, emotional sessions or spiritual experience we accommodate that approach to working with ibogaine and its extracts, this is a semi traditional initiation experience, we try to include traditional components, Bwiti music, a pre session opening cleansing and a openness to traditional plant medicine virtues.

Ibogaine is not just a detox medication but a holistic healing tool that has a broad use for helping to regain a sense of self and clear old patterns and emotional blocks. We do not allow friends or family at the clinic during the treatment or on the day or two following Ibogaine therapy sessions. It is important that the person doing this work has the opportunity to look fully into oneself, without any outside elements. If a friend or family member decides to accompany you, they will be responsible for their own food and accommodations.

Awakening to Oneness

Please note that this is a serious therapy. It is not a magic bullet, or quick easy way out. There is no easy way out. You may be challenged and at times be very uncomfortable. One of the ways we can think about what it means to wake up from sleep is that we return to direct contact with who and where we already are.

When we were asleep we were in a dream.

The Answers Are Within You

Maybe we were a captain of a ship, or a child in school, or a damsel in the middle ages. Suddenly we wake up and we find ourselves lying in bed exactly where we were before we fell asleep. Extending this analogy to spiritual awakening we would say that the life that we are living right now is a dream.

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The you that is reading these words is a dream version of you. It is not who you ultimately are. The me that I feel myself to be as I type these words is also a dream self. The person in the dream is not the one that is going to wake up, just like the ship captain in the dream did not wake up to find that he or she was really asleep in bed.

The Answers Are Within You

That divine union is the union that occurs as we return to direct contact with who and where we already were the whole time. Many ways up the mountain and your experiences are just a point of view, as valid as they might be lack ultimate truth. So where does it all lead to? Absolutely horrific. I have been looking for my brothers and sisters. Except for the comments about eating animals being a form of cannibalism.

I use the word awakening in the spiritual sense to describe events that leave us knowing that we are not ultimately the person who responds to our name and has our history. We are more than that and life is much bigger and more magical than we had imagined. When I use the word enlightenment which I seldom do I want to imply something more significant than awakening because it has to do with our ongoing level of connection to the truth of who we really are.

Jeff Foster 3 - 'Life Without A Centre' - Interview by Iain McNay

Awakening implies having had an experience of who we really are. Enlightenment implies having an ongoing connection with the reality of who we really are. You could say that awakening is digital and enlightenment is analog. We are either awake or not awake. And if you are interested in reading this essay, you are probably awake. It is an ongoing process of deepening surrender to and embodiment of the truth that we have seen about who we really are. As we surrender to the reality that has revealed itself to us that knowledge becomes consistently available to us in a mysterious way.

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Functionally that means we cannot be fooled by the experience of the dream self even if it continues to be our experience most of the time. Even when our conscious experience is of only our separate self — the one who was born on our birthday, has our history and responds to our name — we still maintain some mysterious knowing of who we really are.

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It is not something we can look at and see directly and yet we can feel it just beyond the edge of our conscious experience.